Shingled roofs may last for years, but eventually, their durability will break down. Exposure to rain, wind, snow and sun is bound to take a toll on the roof over time. Homeowners must respond quickly when faced with a roof leak. This is when they are faced with the question of whether it would be better to plan for a roof replacement or schedule a roof repair project and, more importantly, which the most affordable option is in both the short and long term.

There are several factors to consider while choosing between roof replacement and roof repair. Listed below are some of them.

Roof Replacement vs Repair – The Solution

The Age of The Roof

If the roof is relatively new, it is best to consider repairs. The shingles might even be under warranty if it requires repairs within five years. However, the coverage for that could be prorated. Roofs installed over twelve years prior might have reached the average age of an asphalt shingle roof – replacement may be better in that case. For those between eight and twelve years, it is best to consider the other factors very closely.

The Extent of the Damage

Have an inspection done because it can reveal exactly what the problem is. Certain issues such as leaking skylights, deteriorating chimney flanges and damaged vents are easier to fix than a patch of damaged shingles. Also, if the asphalt seems to be crumbling and the shingles are extremely curled, repairs might be extremely expensive or just outright impossible. Small areas of damage can be easily repaired compared to the damage that spreads across a wider area or occurs within more than one spot.

Future Plans

If planning on staying in a house for several years, a roof replacement might be the better long-term solution. On the other hand, if the house will likely be sold soon, a roof repair might be the best course of action. This would ensure that the repair is done professionally and be upfront with buyers. A repair project would cost significantly less than a replacement.

The Time of Year

Hopefully, a problem with the roof will be noticed before anything significant happens. Leaks and animal infestations might create serious damage inside the attic and throughout the house. But the timing of the discovery will determine whether a repair or replacement will be needed.

Roofing issues discovered in winter or early spring require immediate attention and should likely be scheduled for a repair. If that project does not take care of the issue or more extensive damage is discovered in the process, a replacement project can be completed later in the summer. It is best not to do roof replacements during the winter because they probably won’t be done well in the winter because of the cold temperatures and wet, unsafe conditions. However, issues found in the fall are likely to get worse over the winter. Think about a replacement in that case, which will provide adequate protection for the house.

Roof Replacement vs Repair – The Solution