In Tucson, Arizona, it’s always tough working with customers because their homes are their life. They spend all their time trying to fix up their houses. Weekends are spent at Home Depot buying new plants, then digging up the yard and rearranging things. Because of the hot weather,  concrete driveways are among the tasks that homeowners try to do. Unfortunately, pouring cement is anything but easy; skilled labor is often required if you want a quality end product. Concrete in general is a hard task to manage because the materials have to be purchased, then mixed to specific proportions. Concrete is a mixture of cement, water, gravel, and air. It’s essentially a composite material that is made up of an aggregate and a binder that holds the substance together. Full-scale residential home remodeling projects often include driveway resurfacing and repair with either asphalt or concrete. In warm climates, homeowners will call a concrete company for driveway installation because the cement surface works well in Tucson. If the weather is cold, concrete expands and begins to crack. This is a problem that people often avoid by choosing asphalt. But for Tucson, AZ, the weather never drops below 60 in the winter, so cement works just fine. The standard process driveway installers follow is to:

  1. Mark off the area for the concrete driveway
  2. Dig up the dirt and level the ground
  3. Install rebar and support beams beneath the surface
  4. Mix and pour the concrete
  5. Level and smooth out the surface so the amount is evenly distributed
  6. Add any stamped patterns (if applicable)
  7. Let the concrete dry for a few days

Tucson concrete driveway installers charge a minimum of $4.95 per square foot. This is relatively affordable especially due to the fact that concrete prices have skyrocketed this past year. You might as well pay the extra dollar per square foot instead of doing it yourself because you’ll get higher quality work. The main difference between concrete companies and a random homeowner is that the concrete contractors will deliver a driveway that lasts for 10-20 years or more. Homeowners typically miss a step simply based on inexperience and the driveway starts to crack within a year or two. You can save yourself a lot of money long term by just calling the professionals.

Residential Concrete Driveway Project